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Rainy Days Sewer Overflow Request

This email focuses on the five ‘Thames Tideway’ sewage works (from Twickenham to Dartford). This is because they were upgraded at a cost of more than £600m, completed six years ago. It also asks about major sewage works and outfalls upstream that affect the London section of the Thames directly.

ACTION: When you notice it has started to rain create an email using the text below and send it to Thames Water. If you have the time you can send an email every hour it is raining. Feel free to edit the text, to make it less generic etc. We’ve added the Information Commissioner’s email too, if you want to Cc them. We need them to make water companies honour the information regulations.




Subject: Storm Overflows from Thames sewage works and assets

Dear Thames Water,

Under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, can you tell me if Esher Sewage Works, Hogsmill Sewage Works, Kingston Main Sewage Pumping Station, Kew Transfer Works, Mogden Sewage Works, and Hammersmith Pumping Station are discharging under storm conditions at the time of this email?

As stated in Part 2, Sections 4, 5 & 6 of the Regulations, I request this information sent to me in an email AND made available to the public online, so that it is displayed actively and systematically. By being displayed online you will be complying with Part 1, Section 2 (f) regarding how human health might be affected by discharges and the risk of coming into contact with sewage.

Yours faithfully,


The Thames, where Mogden Sewage Works discharges

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