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Less than four years since we started putting pressure on Thames Water to publish real-time sewer spill alerts they have agreed to do it by the end of 2022. Thank you to everyone that demanded action and pushed for greater accountability! Thank you to our lawyers Leigh Day too.
Thames Water’s Chief Executive told the Environmental Audit Committee this was their intention and we have since had it in writing from the company. They say “we have committed to providing real-time notifications of discharges at all our 468 EDM sites by the end of next year.”
We will give them this time, but the clock is ticking. If they have not met their deadline we will start legal action. We will also make sure that the information is published in a way that complies with the Environmental Information Regulations. 
This map shows Seattle’s live sewer overflow alerts, at the very least it’s what we want for London.
The newly passed Environment Act contains a requirement for water companies to publish information within an hour of a discharge. Echoing the EIRs it says the information must “be in a form which allows the public readily to understand it, and be published in a way which makes it readily accessible to the public.” This is fundamental. Once the information is online the power dynamic changes. We will know for the first time how well the infrastructure in and around London is coping. No longer will it be hidden from public view. This will drive investment. We will make sure that we harness the power of real-time data.

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